Books On Writing


Available through the Erie County Library System


Writing Brave And Free (Ted Kooser & Steve Cox, 2006)

The Book On Writing (Paula LaRocque, 2003)

Painless Writing (Jeffrey Strausser, 2001)

The Everything Improve Your Writing Book (Pamela Rice Hahn, 2008)

Writing Poetry (Robert Wallace & Michelle Boisseau, 2000)

How To Write A Poem (Margaret Ryan, 1996)

Fiction Writer’s Workshop (Josip Novakovich, 1995)

The Art & Craft Of The Short Story (Rick DeMarinis, 2000)

Fiction Writer’s Brainstormer (James V. Smith Jr., 2000)

How To Write A Sentence (Stanley Fish, 2005)

Writing Your Life (Patti Miller, 2001)

The Art Of Memoir (Mary Karr, 2015)

How To Write Short (Roy Peter Clark, 2013)

The Art Of X-Ray Reading (Roy Peter Clark, 2016)

Writing Down The Bones (Natalie Goldberg, 1986)