Books On Writing


Available through the Erie County Library System

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Writing Brave And Free (Ted Kooser & Steve Cox, 2006)

The Book On Writing (Paula LaRocque, 2003)

Painless Writing (Jeffrey Strausser, 2001)

The Everything Improve Your Writing Book (Pamela Rice Hahn, 2008)

Writing Poetry (Robert Wallace & Michelle Boisseau, 2000)

How To Write A Poem (Margaret Ryan, 1996)

Fiction Writer’s Workshop (Josip Novakovich, 1995)

The Art & Craft Of The Short Story (Rick DeMarinis, 2000)

Fiction Writer’s Brainstormer (James V. Smith Jr., 2000)

How To Write A Sentence (Stanley Fish, 2005)

How To Write Short (Roy Peter Clark, 2013)

The Art Of X-Ray Reading (Roy Peter Clark, 2016)

Writing Down The Bones (Natalie Goldberg, 1986)

Writing From Personal Experience (Nancy Davidoff Kelton, 1997)

Bird By Bird (Anne Lamott, 1994)

Good Prose – The Art Of Nonfiction (Tracy Kidder & Richard Todd, 2013)

The Sense Of Style (Steven Pinker, 2014)

Draft No. 4 (John McPhee, 2017)


Handling The Truth (Beth Kephart, 2013)

Thinking About Memoir (Abigail Thomas, 2008)

Writing Your Life (Patti Miller, 1994)

Shimmering Images (Lisa Dale Norton, 2008)

Writing Your Life (Mary Borg, 2013)

Writing Your Life (Patti Miller, 2001)

The Art Of Memoir (Mary Karr, 2015)