January 20 meeting debrief

We had a very nice writing meeting last Saturday.  Karen and Dinty both shared some of their writing.  Our next regular meeting will be Saturday, February 3 at 2:30PM – Blasco Library.  ~TH~


Celebrate The Warm-up With Writing

Greetings gutsy word scribes!  We should be melting this weekend, let’s celebrate!  Our next writer meeting will be this Saturday, January 20 at 2:30PM.  Plan to bring 5+ copies of any writing you would like reviewed by the other writers.  Don’t have anything?  Sit down before Saturday and scribble out some words.  I myself am a procrastinator, but I can always bring in something – you can too!

See you at the Blasco library this Saturday!  ~Tom~

P.S. Don’t forget to avail yourself of the online resources and  library books for guidance.    Have fun, and get it done.

The New Year-Resolve To Write!

Happy new year dauntless wordsmiths!

Power of Words

This is a great time to make one bold resolution- to write even more in 2018.

Here are some links to get you motivated.

Don’t forget to use this very website for more inspiration and motivation.  I just updated the Writing Resources page with more links.

Wishing you many prosperous (writing) experiences in 2018.  Cheers!  ~Tom~


Meeting reminder, December 16

Greetings brave ink spillers!
REMINDER- tomorrow (Saturday December 16, 1-3pm) I will facilitate a writing get-together at the Blasco library.  We will meet in one of the collaboratory rooms on the first floor.
I’ll have some writing prompts you can use for inspiration, or you may bring something you’re working on and continue with that.  I will also have some resources for you if you need guidance in your own writing.
If you’re struggling to get your writing going, please plan to attend.  This will not be a critique group.
Next Saturday (the 23rd) we will have our regular meeting in room 219 from 2:30-4pm.  ~Tom~

Debrief- December 9 meeting

Great meeting today, thank you to all who participated.  Big thanks to Marti, Louis, and Dinty!  We heard about:

  • kind strangers
  • friendly (but confused) cooperation
  • baiting fish hooks, and
  • extended family

What will you write about today?

Our next meeting is Saturday, December 16 at the Blasco Library branch from 1-3PM.  This will be a writing group (not critique).  If you are struggling to get your writing done, this is the meeting to attend!

Our next critique meeting will be on Saturday, December 23room 219 at the Blasco Library.  After that, onward to the 2018 schedule!  ~Tom~